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Conservation Week 2022

Conservation Week 2022

Let’s work together to save biodiversity!
From October 24 to 28, Monkey Mountain will be charging €1 on your admission ticket for two conservation actions.

Action n°1 :

Helping the Magots following the fires in Morocco

This summer, a quarter of the magnificent Bouhachem forest (30,000 ha) was ravaged by flames, resulting in the death of many Magots, an endangered species.


  • Provide food resources for the monkeys
  • Monitor populations

Action n°2:

Preserving biodiversity in Madagascar

Madagascar is home to unique species such as lemurs, which are now highly threatened. Their habitat is seriously degraded.


  • Strengthen forest protection and monitoring activities
  • Develop environmental education
  • Increase income from ecotourism

During your visit, you’ll be given a token at the ticket office. All you have to do is put it in the ballot box at the exit of the monkey enclosure for the action of your choice!

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