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Fun and educational tour

Climb in ‘Dans la peau d’un singe’, follow the footsteps of a monkey and take up the challenge of moving like a primate!

A new experience through a fun and educational course which invites you to wander through the forest along the apparatus while trying to reproduce certain behaviors of the monkeys. A succession of about fifteen devices on the ground or in height, secured by nets, takes you closer to nature for a better understanding of the primates’ behavior.

You can climb like a Magot, jump like a Sifaka, swing like a Gibbon, rest like a Bonobo or even walk like a gorilla.

A great opportunity to discover the diversity of primates, from Berthe’s Mouse Lemur, the smallest known primate in the world, to the emblematic Silverback Gorilla!

Get back into Nature

A discovery trail around the environment and biodiversity completes the route: educational pond, bird wall, interactive panels, etc.

On this journey as close as possible to nature, you will come across many plant and animal species.

Good to know: this course is included in the entry price, the high part in the nets is not suitable for children measuring less than 3.77 ft.


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