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All activities to do at Monkey Mountain

  • Commented feeds

    Commented feeds

    Every 45 minutes, our nature guides will meet you for a commented feeding

  • Discovery activities

    Discovery activities

    Every Saturday, Sunday and during the school holidays, come and have fun with different games on the Magots - from 1.30pm

  • In the skin of a monkey

    In the skin of a monkey

    A new experience through an educational and playful course that invites you to wander through the forest along the apparatus.

  • Bird watching wall

    Bird watching wall

    Birdwatching is for everyone.

  • Newt pond

    Newt pond

    Ponds have the particularity of hosting a significantly greater biodiversity than other freshwater systems.

  • Breakfast with the monkeys

    Breakfast with the monkeys

    Come and experience an exceptional and privileged moment accompanied by an experienced park guide!

  • Game


    Take part in our treasure hunt, available in English, French and German.


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