Winter season ❄️

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Since November 12, the Montagne des Singes has closed its doors and the Magots have taken leave for this winter 🐵

We would like to thank you all for coming to see us throughout the 2021 season. We are aware that the situation was rather complicated this summer and yet you were indeed present!

We have been able to organize various events which have put a lot of atmosphere in the park during its last months :

  • at the beginning of July the Center Chorégraphique de Strasbourg came for a whole day to do various performances
  • at the end of July as well as in mid-August, we had not organized one, but two “Wild boar on the spit” meals 🐗
  • at the beginning of September the Art Toy workshop had a lot more with the situation of objects in our sets and with photography courses 📸
  • also at the beginning of September, we launched our private tour offer “Breakfast with the monkeys” which allows you to come and visit Magots in complete privacy, with the support of one of our guides (every day at 9 a.m., 365 days a year). per year!) 🐒
  • at the end of October (All Saints holidays) it was both Conservation Week 🌳 as well as the special Halloween week 🎃

We will meet again on March 26, 2022 for the reopening of the park, and by then, follow us on the various social networks so as not to miss anything on the news of the Magots 📱

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