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Experience this unique opportunity to visit ’La Montagne des Singes' an exciting walk amongst 200 free roaming Barbary macaques.

You will be able to discover this amazing species as they exhibit their natural behaviour with no bars or cages to hinder your view.

to 'La Montagne des Singes'

Do Barbary macaques live alone, in pairs, in groups?

Barbary macaques live in big groups composed of as many males as females.
Each group has a home-rangeoffering food, water and high trees to be safe from predators.

What do the Barbary macaques eat?

In North Africa, they eat different plants species (up to 200), little animals such as insects, spiders and even scorpions.
In the park, we feed our monkeys fruit, vegetables and cereals, we also scatter sunflower seeds and wheat. They also eat what they can find throughout the vegetation, including leaves grass and insects.



Did you know? Our oldest female is 30 years old

What do the monkeys do in winter?

They stay outside throughout the year. They originate from mountainous regions in North Africa where the winters are cold and snowy. They are well adapted to this climate: they have a long and thick winter coat, they moult in the spring and they have a short summer coat.

Why do they sleep in high trees?

To be safe from predators.

Why monkeys are not suitable as pets?

In our home, they will be deprived of their mother’s affection, their friends and their forest environment….
Boredom and loneliness will make the most unhappy animals in the world.