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Experience this unique opportunity to visit ’La Montagne des Singes' an exciting walk amongst 200 free roaming Barbary macaques.

You will be able to discover this amazing species as they exhibit their natural behaviour with no bars or cages to hinder your view.

to 'La Montagne des Singes'

A threatened species

Within the last 10 years the Barbary macaque populations in Morocco and Algeria have decreased dramatically, the main cause being the loss of favorable habitat but also illegal trade.

Scientists estimate there are less than 8,000 individuals in the wild (down from 23,000 in 1978).
Barbary macaques are today considered an endangered species (IUCN, 2008) and classified in Appendix II ofthe Washington Convention.

It’s urgent for the protection of this species to conserve their natural habitat in North Africa.




Did you know? This species is the only african macaque

La Montagne des Singes is strongly committed to the protection of the species by:

• raising public awareness of the protection of Barbary macaques by presenting them in a setting very similar to their natural habitat

• developing educational activities (see inter-active boards and games, booklets, guides, etc)

• preserving an invaluable genetic pool with the parks population

• strengthening wild populations by re-introducing entire groups of monkeys. Ever since the park opened; some 600 monkeys coming from our three parks were reintroduced into their natural habitat, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

• sponsoring of actions in favour of the conservation of the Barbary macaque.

Re-introduction to the wild!

Ever since the Park opened, some 600 monkeys coming from our parks were reintroduced into their natural habitat, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.